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Since April of 1945, The Peoria Area Electrical JATC’s goal has been to provide the Electrical Construction Industry with the mostly highly trained and skilled workforce possible.  In addition to receiving skill training on the job, each apprentice is provided with trade related classroom training that produces competency and pride that lead to true craftsmanship.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) jointly sponsor the apprenticeship training program that offers you the opportunity to earn wages and benefits while you learn the skills needed for a trade that can be both rewarding and challenging. You actually "earn while you learn."  As an apprentice, you will have the to use your mind, as well as your physical skills, to complete work in a variety of settings with the constant opportunity to learn something new. You will receive classroom instruction and jobsite "hands on" training.

The Peoria Area Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC), offers three different specialties in electrical work:

  • Inside Wireman


  • Residential Wireman


  • Telecommunications Installer-Technicians


During their apprenticeship, apprentices are paid at a graduated rate based upon the number of working hours they have logged.  The rates are as follows:

Inside Program

  1. 1-1,000 hours           40% of journeyman scale
  2. 1,001-2,000 hours    45% of journeyman scale
  3. 2,001-3,500 hours    55% of journeyman scale
  4. 3,501-5,000 hours    65% of journeyman scale
  5. 5,001-6,500 hours    75% of journeyman scale
  6. 6,501-8,000 hours    80% of journeyman scale
  7. 8,001 to completion  90% of journeyman scale

Residential program

  1. 0-800 hours             65% of journeyman scale  
  2. 801-1,600 hours      70% of journeyman scale
  3. 1,601-3,200 hours   75% of journeyman scale
  4. 3,201-4,800 hours   90% of journeyman scale

Telecommunications Installer-Technician

  1. 0-1,000 hours         45% of journeyman scale
  2. 1001-2,000 hours   50% of journeyman scale
  3. 2,001-3,000 hours  60% of journeyman scale
  4. 3,001-4,000 hours  65% of journeyman scale
  5. 4,001-5,000 hours  75% of journeyman scale
  6. 5,001-6,000 hours  80% of journeyman scale


Not sure what a typical day in the life of an electrician apprentice looks like?  Click on the video link below.



A Day In The Life of an IBEW Electrician Apprentice




So you still think this is the opportunity for you?  If so, click HERE to find out how the application process works!




As many of you know, the JATC is moving to a blended learning model for the Inside curriculum.  We are very excited about this here at the apprenticeship.  One of the many benefits that this will introduce into our curriculum will be the ability to take part in virtual simulations and demonstrations.  Below is a video link demonstrating just a few of these simulators and the many training opportunities they will open up for us here at your Peoria Area Electrical JATC!


Blended Learning Video Demo




Many of the updated changes in curriculum, labs, and online training modules would not be possible if it wasn't for the support of the Electrical Training Alliance and their Training Partners.  Click HERE for a list of current ETA Training Partners! 



Current Apprentice links:

JATC Tradeschool:

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 Apprentice Evaluation Form:

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Questions and/or comments?  Please contact:

Brandon Currie

Training Director

Peoria Area Electrical JATC

Ph: (309)673-0393

Email: info@peoriajatc.org                                              



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