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Work Outlook

This is the IBEW Local 34 work update for the week ending July 14, 2018.

Industrial, Commercial work has picked up in the Galesburg and Peoria area.  Some Peoria County Schools will be getting HVAC upgrades this year due to a sales tax increase last election cycle. Richwoods and Manual high schools has been getting some HVAC work this summer which will involve some medium voltage and temperature control work for IBEW 34 electricians. Delevan High School has started a major project.  Bradley University 80 million Engineering / Buisness Convergence Center started the spring of 2017 with demolition of  2 existing buildings. Columns, floors and walls are currently being poured for the new complex.  Work on the Convergence center should ramp up eary summer. Rock River Electric, signatory to IBEW 145 is still logging man hours at the 4 Points hotel in downtown Peoria, possibly till later in the spring. RNS Electric will be working on the Restaurant in front of the hotel also. Zobrist Construction has started an addtion in Heritage square in Peoria Heights. Laser Electric will be the electrical sub on that project. Peoria International Airport will be getting some new runway lights thanks to some federal funding.  Hospital work in Downtown Peoria will be steady with projects coming up this spring. Core Construction has started building on the 10 Million dollar OSF  "Almost Home" for children, project at the old wee tee location in Peoria. Laser Electric is the EC on the project. In Peoria we currently have 109 on Book 1 and 18 on Book 2. There is sparatic book 2 work available. Galesburg jurisdiction has been slow with work at school District 205 and at St. Mary's OSF Hospital, which is getting an addition that started last year. Work in our Quincy jurisdiction is busy with a few projects coming up this spring. Williams Brothers Construction Co. was awarded the new Adams County Jail in the Quincy jurisdiction recently and should start hiring for that project soon. Information will be posted as we receive it on a timely basis.

Local 34 Peoria office is open from 7AM till 4:30 PM. The phone number for the Peoria Office is (309) 673-3691.The out of work list can be signed at any time within those hours.  The address for the Peoria office is 400 N. E. Jefferson located in the AFL-CIO Labor Temple on the 4th floor, suite 409.The out of work list can be signed in our Galesburg Office from 7AM to 4:30 PM. The address for the Galesburg office is 1640 A North Henderson Street.  Call ahead to Organizer Jeremy Schultz at 309-344-8099 to make sure someone will be there. The out of work list can be signed in our Quincy office at 1900 Harrison Street located in the lower level between the hours of 7AM and 4:30 PM. Just contact Quincy Business rep Steve Marold at 217-222-0818 to make sure he will be there also.

Fraternally, Dave Lowder, Peoria Business Representative 

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