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This is the IBEW Local 34 work update for April 25th, 2023.

Work remains steady through the spring. We reported nearly 26k more man hours this January compared to a year ago. Local 34 still has a few open calls with plenty of work in the future. The Lacon-Hopewell solar farm is winding down while the Sparland and Cameron Lane Solar farms are kicking off. All three of these projects are being done with a joint cooperation from Kelso-Burnett and Porter Electric. Caterpillar work is still going strong at many of their facilities. Some contractors have needed help on residential solar work and there are several solar farm projects expected in our jurisdiction this new year. OSF Cancer Center is still doing well and bringing in many man-hours. There is a new air traffic control tower slated for the Peoria Airport valued at nearly a 50 million dollars. Calls continue for work on chemical row in Mapleton, Powerton outage and many facilities in Downtown Peoria. Precision Planting is manning up with over 15 members. Galesburg and Macomb work outlook is steady as well. Galesburg has couple large solar farms proposed, Blackberry (50 MW) and Earp (35MW) farms are currently the two largest. The Health and Science Building at Carl Sandburg College was awarded to Oberlander Electric and will begin construction soon.The new Galesburg Community Center is slated to start this fall. Some other projects that are going are the Galesburg Public Library, WIU Performing Art Center, Civic Arts Center Williamsfield School Remodel, Hedding Elementary addition, Galesburg Public Safety HVAC and various school projects. Quincy has strong work outlook also. Quincy Veterans home continues to man up . Sunset Home, a local long care facility, is moving forward with plans for a 106 bed skilled-care addition that is scheduled to start in June. Quincy Medical Group is planning on a birthing center and a small format 28-bed hospital hoping to get a PLA signed shortly. Work continues at Blessing Hospital, the Barry Grow Facility, Mt Strerling Prison, and various other locations.

Work looks great for the future of Local 34.

The out of work list can be signed during business hours, 7:30 am to 4 pm, Monday – Friday. To sign at the Galesburg or Quincy Offices it is recommended to call ahead. Galesburg Rep. Jeremy Shultz can be reached at 309-344-8099. Quincy Rep. Steve Marold can be reached at 217-222-0818.

Fraternally, Terry Smith, Peoria Business Representative

Where2Bro is a helpful website that can be used to find locals who are needing help to man their work.  Work outlook, pay scale, and benefits can all be found on their website.

Want to work a Nuclear Plant outage?  You can find a list of upcoming outages across the U.S. at

Book 1 Members and Travelers who have a password can also log onto the Members Information page to get more detailed work outlook information, bid jobs, re-sign, check their position on the books, and more. 

Re-Signs Due The 10th Thru The 16th Of Every Month. Job Phone Line is available 4:00 PM-7:30 AM next business day: 309-673-3691.

Questions/Comments: 309-673-3691, or email us HERE.

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